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At approximately 5 to 6 years of age children move into a Pre-Primary Ballet Class, where they begin to learn the first exercises and steps of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance Ballet syllabus. This syllabus has been devised by professional teachers and dancers to teach children ballet through fun and imagery - therefore, making it easy for children to learn and understand. Exams which are affiliated to the I.S.T.D. in London are introduced at this stage, but are not compulsory.

 By following a Ballet syllabus children gain an understanding into the development of Ballet and an introduction to the basic theory and French Ballet terms used when learning Ballet. Children are also taught how to work with consideration and respect for others through group work, and to develop their own creativity within a safe, disciplined and controlled environment.Since we had our first exam session in 1989, I am very proud that we have had a 100% success rate and have received praise from numerous examiners regarding the high standard of work shown by all the pupils, their discipline, good behaviour and grooming.

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